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Angela Fodale Palladino, was born in Trapani, Italy, educated there and in Rome where she studied the classics. She came to the United States in 1958 and married American artist and graphic designer, Tony Palladino. Angela began to sculpt and paint while the couple lived in London for 2 years. She now lives in New York City. One of Palladino’s paintings resides in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

From the “Antologia dei naifs italiani” by Renzo Margonari

Some American experts consider Angela Palladino “the freshest and spontaneous (sic) primitive painter on the art scene since Grandma Moses”, though there is probably no relationship between the great U.S. naif and the Italian artist.

Angela Palladino, daughter of the hot Italian land, reveals in her innate skill as a painter many special gifts of the paintings of that southern island: a live sense of burning color, an emphatic feeling for tones, and that deep, full-bodied black, the Spanish heritage, that profoundly marks the color of life on that island. Over all of this is the culture of Angela Palladino; her talent, popular in inspiration and primitive in execution, is filtered through the expression of the cultured atmosphere in which she lives.

Angela Palladino’s ceramics, marked by an ancient classicism of essentials and rigorous lines, have a force of expression that closely recalls the forms recovered by archeological science and rendered to Western culture and that ar part of our oldest aesthetic consciousness, but also - and inevitably - show signs of the oldest aspect of young America: the Mayan civilization, abundantly narrative and dramatic, and Indian totemics.”


The work has been exhibited in the following galleries and museums:

  • The Merradin Gallery, London. England.
  • Akron art Institute, Akron. Ohio.
  • American Folk Art Heritage, Sandwich. Ma.
  • Rizzoli Gallery, New York. NY.
  • Schoelkopf Gallery, New York. NY.
  • Hudson River Museum, Hudson. NY.
  • Oskosh Public Museum, Oskosh. Wi.
  • Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygin. Wi.
  • H.W. Hempill Jr. Collection, Chicago, Il.
  • H.W. Hempill Jr. Collection, Tokyo. Japan.
  • H.W. Hempill Jr. Collection, Osaka. Japan.
  • Museum of American Folk Art, New York. NY.
  • Harkness House Gallery, New York. NY.
  • Cheekwood Museum, Nashville. Tn.
  • Stephen Gemberling Gallery, New York. NY.
  • Hirschl & Adler Gallery, New York. NY.
  • Frank J. Miele Gallery, New York, NY.
  • The Smithsonian Institute, Permanent Collection, Washington, DC.
  • Third Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte, First Prize. Italy.


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